INCOM Ltd. employs a permanent staff of senior and junior consultants, project managers and experts, retains a database of more than 6000 free-lance consultants for short and/or long term assignments and collaboration.

INCOM Ltd. team members and consultant are specialised in the fields of economics, trade, civil service reform, business development and business administration, migration issues, HR management, information systems, organisation of events. The company supports project activities in major international languages.


INCOM Ltd., International Consulting & Management is based in Athens, Greece. For more than 20 years, INCOM Ltd. has been involved in technical assistance projects with developing countries and transition economies world-wide, in activities related to the provision of expertise and training, institutional building, capacity building to policy and decision makers, public and business sector stakeholders and to academic community as well. Via the technical assistance cooperation framework and agenda, INCOM Ltd. contributes to planning, coordination, implementation, training needs identification, monitoring capacity of countries’ stakeholders thus improving the implementation of the donors’ funded projects and strengthening the relationships between the EC/EU and countries under economic development.

INCOM Ltd. demonstrates significant experience in Balkan countries, ACP, Middle East, Africa, Gulf, and Asian countries, Central and Eastern European countries CIS and Central Asia. INCOM Ltd. provides support to the development of a monitoring system of implementation of Government strategies and programs, reinforcement of capacity of governmental, public and private stakeholders, strengthening institutional and administrative capacities of public administration institutions.

INCOM Ltd. enjoys extensive experience organising high level conferences and trainings, public awareness events, study visits and networking between the European and beneficiary institutions. INCOM Ltd. collaborates with leading consulting companies, specialised institutes, NGOs in EU and worldwide, possesses extensive pool of Senior and Junior consultant to mobilise at short notice high quality short term expertise, provide technical, legal and regulatory support tailored to the needs of the beneficiary, counterparts and the EU.

INCOM Ltd. has identified and mobilised teams of senior international & beneficiary countries” consultants, who combine high technical expertise, political and academic experience, provide know-how, policy advice and training regarding the implementation and monitoring on administrative, legislative and political level. For backstopping support INCOM Ltd. assigns Senior staff, back-stoppers with broad hands on experience of work in donor’ funded projects in donor countries and fluency in major international languages, spoken and written English, French, Greek and Russian which provides a direct access to the society of the beneficiary country, international consultants worldwide and other stakeholders.

The academic support, is provided by director general with 30year experience in donor’ funded projects in CIS, Phare and Central Asia countries, Afriva, Gulf countries, who combines theoretical experience of a member of the academic community with the specific “technical” experience in developing institutional capacities and enhancing cooperation between stakeholders, policy advice and modernisation process etc.

INCOM Ltd. has gained considerable experience in dealing with the implementation and management of projects in more than 40 countries. The considerable amount of our work is funded by international development agencies, and INCOM Ltd. has been carrying successfully assignments in Central and Eastern Europe, the CIS, Africa, Central Asia, Asia, the Middle East etc. INCOM Ltd. has also carried out projects for a considerable number of private enterprises, comprising the major sectors of industry and commerce.