2.7 System Change and Life-long Learning Lot 1: Expertise provision, 22ETF03 2022-2026 KOSOVO

Country: Kosovo
Year: July 2022 to March 2023
Client: ETF

Specific Expertise

INCOM is looking for:

  • 1 Senior expert on Public finance management to analyse education financing in the Kosovo system, as one of the three key topics of the rapid education diagnosis implemented by ETF on behalf of the European Union office in Pristina.
  • The expert recruited under this assignment will be considered as full member of the ETF RED team and is expected, beyond his/her individual deliverables, to contribute to the team’s collective intelligence, through team meetings and other means.
  • The expert should produce the following deliverables:
  1. Financial data collection, analysis and visualisation (data tables, infographics, narratives)
  2. Stakeholder consultation activities, including two missionw in Kosovo (mission report, minutes of interviews and/or focus groups)
  3. Contribution to the RED final report (chapter on financing: draft and final version)
  • The language/s of the project is English.
  • The Expert profile should cover:
  • Expertise on public finance management, State rules and/or international standards for budget planning, distribution and execution, financial management, fiscal decentralisation, etc. demonstrated by at least 10 years of experience or 10 assignments directly in the PFM field
  • Aptitude to analyse figures and budgets
  • Hands-on expertise of evaluation methodologies and tools used by international community (EU or other development partners) to assess projects, programmes or policies (at global or sectorial level)
  • Knowledge of the education sector, in particular in terms of issues related to the financing of the different segments of the education system, or of the system as a whole (sector specificities for budget planning, resource mobilization, financial tools…)
  • Excellent analytical skills to be proven by an authoring role in the production of analyses, and/or by recognized contributions to evaluations and assessment exercise, to be evidenced by a list of publications and reports.
  • Minimum 10 publications
  • The asset: Knowledge of methodologies for the education sector diagnosis (e.g. SABER, RESEN/Country status report)

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