New tender:2.5 Human Capital Development expertise services Lot 1: Expertise provision, 22ETF03 2022-2026

Country: Tunisia
Year: July - November 2022
Client: ETF

Specific Expertise

“Tunisia: Promoting Entrepreneurship as a key competence across the Vocational training system”, with 10 years of relevant experience in the design and delivery of entrepreneurial learning or enterprise (entrepreneurship) education or entrepreneurship key competence development, including curricula development, teachers’ training and production of teaching and assessing tools (at least part of it in the recent years - with reference to the EU’s EntreComp).

The assignment will be implemented under the ETF FWCT Lot 1 and  the expert will support the ETF to produce a publication which will focus on the ETF integated approach to promote entrepreneurship as a key competence across the national Vocational training system in Tunisia between 2015 and 2022.

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