Awarded: 2.7 System Change and Life-long Learning - Torino Process 2022-2024 Level 1 System performance monitoring

Country: Azerbaizhan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine, Kosovo, Montenegro, Armenia, Palestine, North Macedonia, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan
Year: November 2022 - December 2022
Client: ETF (European Training Foundation)

Specific Expertise

In-country experts to support the national Torino Process (TRP) coordinators in the compilation of a country questionnaire.

The objective of the requested service is to support ETF in the implementation of the TRP level 1. For each ETF partner country to be covered by this assignment, this includes the provision of an in-country expert who will prepare a first draft of responses to the questionnaire for that country on behalf of the national Torino Process coordinator and validate these responses with the national coordinator before submitting them to the ETF. Each expert will also be stand-by to revise the responses if needed, upon feedback by the ETF and/or the national Torino Process coordinator. Depending on the country, the questionnaire responses can be prepared in English, Russian, on French.

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