Awarded: 2.9 EU and GEO priorities

Country: Georgia
Year: March 2023 - June 2023
Client: ETF

Specific Expertise

Expertise in Georgia for Skills Related Complementary Measures in EU financed DCFTA-SME development Programme and pre-identification of a new EU intervention.

This assignment aims to provide national expertise and support to the ETF in the design of 3 complementary projects which the ETF has agreed to carry out with the EU Delegation to Georgia: 1) twinning project fiche with Skills Agency, 2) twinning project fiche with Labour Inspection Service and 3) Call for Proposal in skills development the area of green transition and energy efficiency. All projects form a part of the EU financed Programme: Support to the Implementation of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area and Small and Medium Enterprise development in Georgia. In addition the assignment supports the ETF expert team in identification of EU support for 2024.

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