Awarded: project 2.7 System change and lifelong learning

Country: Home /Online
Year: March 2023 - December 2023
Client: ETF

Specific Expertise

Expertise support in the field of skills and migration.

As a specific objective ETF intends to conduct an analysis and produce a policy brief[1] focusing on low and medium skilled migrant women with the aim to a) understand how their skills and qualifications pathways in a life-long learning (LLL) perspective are currently shaped and how they could be better valued and used; and b) formulate recommendations for public and private organisations in education and training on how to better address the skills and qualifications’ needs of migrant women to improve their economic integration in the destination countries and in the origin countries when addressing returning itineraries.

[1] For desired structure example of ETF policy brief: Skilling for the green transition | ETF (


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