Civil Service Reform and Modernisation of the Government of Kazakhstan. EUROPAID/131109/C/SER/MULTI, CONTRACT No.268-776

Country: Kazakhstan
Year: 2012-2016
Client: EU

Specific Expertise

The overall objective of the Civil Service Reform project was to facilitate the formation of professional state machinery that is result-oriented and capable of implementing the long-term state development priorities. This project aimed at improving and developing the institutional capacities and HR potential of the staff of Agency for Civil Service (ACSA) and Academy of Public Administration (APA) in order to carry out an effective implementation of the Concept on a new civil service model and to achieve the expected results for the above-specified components of the state machinery reform.  The specific objectives of this contract are divided to 3 components:  1. To support to the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs ("ACSA") while implementing the Concept on a new civil service model and developing correspondent legislative and other legal regulatory acts. 2. To improve the institutional capacities of the ACSA, the National Centre for Civil Service Staff Management (SMC) and HR services of the state bodies. 3. To strengthen the academic and scientific capacities of the Academy for Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (APA) to ensure that the system for training and professional development of civil servants and other public employee’s functions effectively. Development and upgrading of curricula, teaching plans, teaching methodologies, teaching strategies including case study and problem-solving learning. Assistance in the creation of academic schools in public administration. 4. Anticorruption issues.

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