EU-Central Asia Rule of Law Platform - PHASE II

Country: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan
Year: 2015-2018
Client: EU

Specific Expertise

The Rule of Law Platform phase I assisted in structuring the process of dialogue and exchange of best practices between Central Asian and European Union countries and between Central Asian countries themselves. It has fostered regional cooperation regarding the state of legal and judicial reform and government actions and the activities of other donors. It has provided training to judges, lawyers and civil servants and contributed to higher legal awareness amongst citizens. Pertinent issues such as uniform implementation of legislation, independence of the judiciary and legal professions and reform of the public prosecution were addressed. As capacity building and reforms require mid- to long-term efforts and the dialogue mechanism is set up as a continuing process, phase II equally seeks to respond to the current needs of the partner countries in the identified priority areas and is complementary with their national plans/activities (“issue-based leadership”). The overall objective of the project was to contribute towards the development of a stable and democratic political framework in the Central Asian partner countries, as established in the EU Strategy for Central Asia. The specific purpose of this contract was to improve the capacity of Central Asian countries to contribute to the modernization and reform of their legal and judiciary systems, by developing legislation and practices in line with internationally accepted standards and fostering dialogue with neighboring countries.

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