Market Surveillance Capacity Development, Northern Cyprus EuropeAid/140609/DH/SER/CY.1

Country: Northern Cyprus
Year: MAR 2022-FEB 2024
Client: EC

Specific Expertise

Support the implementation of the legal texts related to product safety, particularly the establishment of a market surveillance system in accordance with the EU acquis. Supporting the transition from a system fully based on pre-import permits to market surveillance, based on a market surveillance plan. The preparation of a need’s analysis document for the development of a functioning market surveillance system. Next, the preparation of a consistent market surveillance plan, administrative framework and the drafting of the corresponding procedures. Capacity development of the body (Economy/Trade Department) and supporting bodies coordinating market surveillance activities across the TCc, personnel and administrative needs on market surveillance, controlling, monitoring, reporting and coordination with "customs".  Development and implementation of a communication and awareness raising strategy towards consumers and economic operators on market surveillance. Mapping of available and necessary facilities for the appropriate quality infrastructure (metrology, standardization, accreditation).

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