“Provision of Expertise to Support ETF initiatives for Human Capital Development”, Framework Contract (FWC), ad hoq projects’ requests for specific expertise, - CON/13/ETF/0025 and the follow up FWC CON/17/ETF/0019.

Country: ETF partner countries Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Montenegro, N. Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, Central Africa, Israel, Palestine etc.
Year: 2014-2017, 2018-2021
Client: ETF

Specific Expertise

The objective of the requested service was to contract services to ensure the availability of external expertise as and when required to support the implementation of the ETF work programmes. Inputs from experts in one or more of the following functions: Support to the European Union, Capacity building, Policy analysis, Dissemination and Networking.

  • Teachers’ Training
  • VET / TVET, VET legislation , VET dialogue, TVET monitoring & évaluation
  • Digital on-line learning, Digital skills in VET, Digital skills and competencies framework
  • Education, educational policy, educational reform
  • Labour market, policy and LMIS, skills analyses & development, Big Data
  • Qualification frameworks & systems, NQF
  • Employment and employability, National Employment Strategy & VET
  • Migration, migrant & refugees support measures from skills and employment perspective (MISMES)
  • Validation of Non-Formal and Informal Learning (VNFIL)
  • Work Based Learning, Recognition of Prior Learning, mapping WBL
  • Entrepreneurship and enterprise skills, competence development
  • Youth policy and employment
  • School budget support
  • Torino process, Bruges communique, Riga Conclusions 2015
  • Digital and on-line learning & training
  • Creating new learning
  • Innovative learning
  • Green skills & green economy
  • Formative & informative assessments

Governance/ participatory governance

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