Our Team

Viola Lyubimova

Mrs LYUBIMOVA, holds a MBA from the National American University, BA in English Literature. Viola has been managing and supervising INCOM on overall business development, projects’ management, strategic decision making and upgrading company expertise on technical and professional level. Viola has been working with EU technical assistance projects for the last 25 years and is responsible for large-scale projects and FWCs. Viola has extensive experience identifying, selecting, assessing and mobilizing experts in company priority areas, backstopping experts and maintaining daily contractor-client relationship. Viola has contributed to planning, design, budgeting and implementing international & national events, workshop and webinars, assignments’ kick-of meetings. Recently, in line with the increased demands in Hybrid events organization, Viola received a certified training in Virtual Event & Meeting Management. Viola has established a professional network with academic society, public and private stakeholders, experts, institutes, and NGOs who become partners in projects IMCOM implements. Viola is fluent in English, Greek and Russian, working knowledge of French and elementary Arabic.

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